n Stilet : Tydskrif van die Afrikaanse Letterkundevereniging - Om deur die grense van genre te lees : ʼn Besinning oor die Gotiek en ʼn (Suid-)Afrikaanse gruwelgenre

Volume 30 Number 1-2
  • ISSN : 1013-4573


Reading approaches tend to be genre-specific, guided by reviews of new publications, marketing campaigns and the eventual teaching-framing of these texts up to university level. However, reviews of these texts often make it clear that some novels can be categorized into several genres. The teaching of these novels through the lens of specific genre-theory predetermines both the students’ and lecturers’ interpretation of that novel. This article explores the usefulness of – and need for – such genre categorisation predeterminism, using the Gothic genre and its multiple derivatives in literature as an example. Building on this, the article speculates about the existence of an Afrikaans horror genre – proposing that a number of texts that have been, variously, identified and described through surface reading as classified into other genres (magic realism, postcolonial Gothic, crime novel and detective novel) could more productively be categorised as Afrikaans (Gothic) horror. By implication, this would imply that an Afrikaans (Gothic) horror genre can be defined and described.

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