n Journal of Public Administration and Development Alternatives (JPADA) - Four years of country special issue on promotion of science : the last editorial issue

Volume 4 Number 1-1
  • ISSN : 2415-5446


It is any publisher or editors wish to publish ethically sounded scientific work devoid of clear and open criticism. However, Sebola (2018) noted that “the pursuance of truthful knowledge by academic journals remain a contested scholarly terrain”,as editors remain naturally biased towards the truth. At the most some editors have made it their self-proclaimed right to subject truthful Science under their editorial authority without shame. The function of science and its generated knowledge is about us humans increasing our knowledge and understanding the world in which we live in. On other hand Schwartz (2008:1771) argued that one of the reasons we like Science as humanity is “the fascination with understanding the physical world and an emotional need to discover new things that has to enter into it too”. While we all agree that Science is incremental in nature, we are also ought to know that it is a combination of three essential components.

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