n Journal of Public Administration and Development Alternatives (JPADA) - African urban environments, development and risks : an editorial perspective

Volume 4 Number 2
  • ISSN : 2415-5446


The ascendency of “planetary urbanisation” in the modern world has been accompanied by heightened levels of disaster risk and vulnerability of all life-support systems to environmental elements, whereas advancements in technology have appeared to have reached their diminishing returns as they do not increase the adaptive capacities, especially in African cities (Dossou & Glehouenou-Dossou, 2007; Parnell & Walawege, 2011; Myers, 2016; Dodman, Leck, Rusca & Colenbrander, 2017). As Dodman et al. (2017: 7) put it, “There is an increasing recognition of the need to understand and address risks of various kinds in African cities”. But there is negligible intellectual work that “explicitly” examine “the specific characteristics of African urbanisation and urbanism” as well as the attendant modes with which risk accumulation and reduction progress (Cohen, 2006; Fox, 2014; Dodman et al., 2017).

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