n Journal of Public Administration and Development Alternatives (JPADA) - Assessment of intergovernmental relations for efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM), South Africa

Volume 4 Number 2
  • ISSN : 2415-5446


Despite the provisions of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act, 2005 (Act 13 of 2005) that deal with intergovernmental disputes, South Africa has been bedevilled by lack of coordination among the three spheres of government, which has inevitably affected local government service delivery negatively. This Act was promulgated in order to give pragmatic effect to the principles of cooperative government encapsulated in Chapter 3 of the Constitution of the republic. For this reason, this Act sets up mechanisms for coordination of the service delivery and poverty alleviation activities of all spheres of government. That means that there is government aspiration for cooperative and coordinated planning and implementation among the spheres of government in order to ensure that local government service delivery is efficient and effective. This article seeks to establish the role of South Africa’s intergovernmental relations and integrated development planning in local government service delivery performance, efficacy and effectiveness, with specific reference to Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. The article is based on qualitative desk study design and existing data, wherefrom it seeks to explain best practice and challenges in intergovernmental relations and integrated development planning in Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.

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