oa Old Testament Essays - Editorial

Volume 32 Number 3
  • ISSN : 1010-9919



The current issue contains eight articles. The first three articles are focused on prophetic literature. Boloje’s article is on Micah 6:6-8 with a focus on the issue of rituals and the interplay with ethics. For Boloje the prophet Micah was weary of ritualistic tendencies which were devoid of social justice or responsibility, and therefore, called for “a truly ethical religion.” Redelinghuys’ article engages on the issue of Bible translation with a particular interest in ecological matters, and he, therefore, argues for eco-conscious translation of biblical texts. To exemplify an eco-conscious translation, Redelinghuys applies his approach to Jonah 3:1–10. In his article, Ademiluka attends to one of the divisive issues during the post-exilic period within the Jewish community, the question of divorce. He reads Malachi 2:16 not so much as a condemnation of divorce from God but as a condemnation treachery and abuse of the Jewish men who abandoned their wives in order to take other marry foreign women. Ademiluka finds his reading of the Malachi 2:16 applicable in the Nigerian context in which men are abandoning their wives in pursuit of other women

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