n HR Future - Authentic leaders build trust and rapport - leadership

Volume 2019 Number 12
  • ISSN : 1608-8506


Leadership is far more than the position we occupy on an organisation chart: we are all leaders if we choose to be, irrespective of whether we have people reporting to us or if we are just in charge of a project. As individuals, we make leadership choices that affect those around us. As with all things ‘leadership’, there are many perspectives on what it means to be authentic. Often, people think that authenticity is synonymous with consistency: that one has to always hold steadfastly to a fixed view because that’s your view or your style. Instead, our view is that authenticity means aligning our actions with our values. Crucially this means that authenticity is not ONE way, there are lots of different ways that individuals can lead depending on the situation and the needs of those around you.

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