n HR Future - To reskill or upskill, that is the question - HR tech

Volume 2019 Number 12
  • ISSN : 1608-8506


As the year draws to an end, now is a good time for HR teams to start thinking of the new year and what they should start focusing on in 2020. The topic of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) keeps popping up at each and every conference I am invited to speak at, coupled with the fear of the impact it will have on employees, especially around employees losing their jobs to technology. The 4IR will no doubt have an impact which will be reflected in changes in how we work and what we do at work, but this should not be portrayed as all doom and gloom. Now is the time for HR practitioners to start putting the wheels in motion to address the impact the 4IR will have within their organisations and what initiatives they can drive to not only minimise any negative impacts, but also help their organisations avail themselves of many of the benefits that the 4IR will no doubt bring. The whole issue of addressing skills for the future sustainability of the organisation is critical and, to quote Matthew Sigelman, “Your organisation is moved by the skills that you have. The evolution of individuals in a company ultimately translates to the evolution of a company.”

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