n HR Future - 2019 - The year that was - immigration law

Volume 2019 Number 12
  • ISSN : 1608-8506


In many ways, and specifically relating to Visas, this year has in some respects been a disaster. The year has been characterised by far too many incorrect and legally unsound refusals of Visas. This has predominantly been happening in the upper level of the skills ladder, contrary to the utterances of the Ministers of Home Affairs, and is not in line with their utterances that sought-after skills will be facilitated due to the shortage of skills prevailing in the country. Generally, the reasons for refusal either demonstrate that the matter has not been properly dealt with by the adjudicators, in the alternative that they did not read all of the relevant documentation and this then results in an incorrect decision being made, thereby forcing the applicant to either abandon his application or alternatively to apply afresh. The only other option is to then appeal or review the decision and that presents a further problem.

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