n HR Future - Organisations of the future - leadership

Volume 2020 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1608-8506


That Teal-thing is really interesting”, the SVP said enthusiastically. “However”, she continued in a whole other tone, “it will never fly here in our bank. We can never get our thousand employees to work like that.” Partly she’s right. Partly she’s wrong. The SALT group of organisational models (Sociocracy, Agile, Lean startup and Teal) is really interesting and seductive, and clearly a great codification of how to embrace organisational democracy, personal engagement and business adaptability. They work, and cases of successful implementation keep popping up. And, yes, those models do have a scaling issue. They work very well in small teams or clusters of five, 25, or maybe even 80 employees, but applying that thinking to an organisation of thousands of employees is overwhelming. This is where the ecosystem enters the place, and where a fresh view on leadership emerges.

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