n HR Future - Marry theory and practice for the good of all - digital age

Volume 2020 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1608-8506


Didn’t they teach you this in college?’ An anguished cry, laced with frustration, rings out in the corridors of a corporate organisation from a jaded manager eying a recent inductee from a well-known academic institution. Sound familiar? Sadly, this act is played with minor variations in a number of organisations striving to bridge the gap between academic institutions and the corporate sector. The mantra of ‘Right Person for the Right Job’, degraded to the level of a cliché, has long been etched into the programmable mindsets of HR professionals to ensure optimisation in talent induction. However, such slogans are often tempered with the sobering reality that ‘all that glitters on a resumé is not gold’, especially, when fresh talent is being sought from academic institutions. This article explores what creates such a divide by highlighting some of the existing gaps between academic institutions and the corporate sector while providing viable solutions in the respective context to remain relevant and competitive in the Digital Age.

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