n Servamus Community-based Safety and Security Magazine - Prison gangs - who has the upper hand in our prisons : gangs or authorities?

Volume 113 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1015-2385


When members from the 26 and 28 number gangs engaged in a battle during August 2018, it caused havoc at the Pollsmoor Correctional Centre. Mattresses were set alight to prevent correctional officials and the police from raiding a cell. Inmates barricaded the doors, attacked officials with boiling water and sticks and also threw liquid on the floor to keep them out. It was a chaotic situation, but finally the reaction team managed to break through and defuse the situation. After 58 inmates had been removed from the cell and transferred to the remand detection facility of Pollsmoor Correctional Centre, 13 self-made knives and eight cellphones were recovered from that cell. Almost a week later, fighting between and among the gangs flared up when a member of the 28s stabbed a fellow 28s gang member resulting in both being admitted to hospital. The following day gang members of the 26s ambushed eight members of the 28s, stabbing and assaulting them. On 19 August 2018, a gang leader from the 26s was assaulted, stabbed and robbed by his own gang (Francke, 2018).

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