n Without Prejudice - Advocacy in South Africa – the myth of 16 Days of Activism - human rights law

Volume 20 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1681-178X


There is no doubt that gender inequality lies at the heart of most of the problems in our society. It is foundational to violence and abuse of women, which is the focus of the “16 Days of Activism”. Numerous international and regional instruments have painstaking provisions directed at the elimination of gender- based inequality. Many countries subscribe to these instruments. Like constitutions, with high sounding phrases and great ideals, these instruments are written on paper; their observance and real impact traditionally depended on the will of governments, stakeholders, activists and a vigilant civil society. The ANC’s parliamentary caucus has declared gender-based violence a national disaster and, once again, there have been calls from some sectors for a referendum on the death penalty.

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