n Journal of Public Administration - Exploring trust in intergovernmental relations : the case of Operation Sukuma in KwaZulu-Natal

Volume 54 Number 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767


The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa instructs the three spheres of government to co-operate in the spirit of mutual trust and in good faith. Not much has been written, to uncover the importance and dynamics of trust in intergovernmental relations in South Africa. The paucity of literature on this important element of intergovernmental relations justifies this study. This article seeks to contribute in this regard. It uses Operation Sukuma Sakhe as a case study. Its findings are that all the stakeholders recognise that trust as an important element of intergovernmental relations, and that accountability improves trust. Lack of consultation among members of the intergovernmental relationship and lack of commitment in the intergovernmental relationship erode trust.

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