n Journal for Semitics - A study of 2 Samuel 13:1–22 as a solution to intimate partner violence in Nigeria - research

Volume 28 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1013-8471



With particular reference to women abuse, this article examines how the Tamar rape narrative can be employed as a solution to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Nigeria. Applying the text in this way, Tamar’s action of mentioning her experience encourages victims of sexual abuse to voice their ordeal as this would expose their assailants and serve as a deterrent to intending abusers. The role of David as a parent and family head reminds every father to aspire to be a good example to his sons as regards attitude to women; it also points to the need to re-awaken those African virtues of old which restricted sex to marriage. In the Nigerian context, the role of David as the custodian of the law relates to the fact that the relevant IPV laws should be updated and adequately applied. A proper investigation of Amnon might reveal that, apart from his family background which might influence his behaviour, he might also be under the influence of certain situational and individual factors.

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