n Without Prejudice - ‘The Accident’, Gail Schimmel - book review

Volume 20 Number 3
  • ISSN : 1681-178X


The Accident is a story about relationships – newly born, failed, and revived. One of Gail Schimmel’s many successes with this novel is to bring the reader into the world of her characters, each from their own perspective. Every chapter is written in the first person, giving each character’s perspective on, and a brief window into their soul’s interface with, the events, happenings and the ups and downs in their world, as determined by the dynamics of the ongoing circles of relationships. So, in a way, the reader can choose her own protagonist. The back cover blurb leads one to believe that the story is Catherine’s – but it’s not; it’s also that of Julia, Claire, Daniel and even, perhaps to a lesser extent, Mike and Nina. And Jack.

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