n Africa Insight - When Foreign Policy Becomes Domestic The Interplay of National Interests, Pan-Africanism, and Internationalism in South Africa’s Foreign Policy, Maloka Eddy - book review

Volume 49 Number 3
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


Has South Africa positioned itself in the emerging, post-West global order? This is the central question posed by the author at the beginning of this book. The question pervades the wide-ranging conversations that this book retells, from debates on the foreign policy governance to national interests versus human rights, to debates on the decline in South Africa’s standing in the world. As its premise, the book accepts the view that the Western-dominated and underwritten by the current neoliberal international order is on the wane, that it will decline and that non-Western world views are on the rise. With this convergence of tectonic shifts in global affairs, opportunities emerge for countries of the south that have an activist outlook (like South Africa) to secure a more strategic space in shaping what comes after the demise of the Western order.

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