oa Journal of Contemporary Management - Adult education and training system evaluation constructs aimed at performance excellence : a South African perspective

Volume 17 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



In the South African context, existing adult education and training (AET) evaluation models are lacking in comprehensiveness and fail to offer tools which guide organisational system evaluations. An understanding of the interaction and relationship between the various dimensions of a holistic system for the management and evaluation of AET is required. This study was aimed at identifying and describing evaluation system constructs which can provide performance-based evidence for AET organisations in South Africa. Constructs are abstract theoretical expressions regarding phenomena of interest. A qualitative research design was used. Data were collected from documents of the South African regulatory authorities and professional bodies that deal with policies, procedures and processes of AET. This article describes five constructs that can be used in the South African context to facilitate and enhance AET system evaluation, namely: learning organisational culture; organisational intent; organisational system enablers; AET system drivers; and learning organisation performance outcomes. These constructs offer a performance-based approach that is aligned to legislative goals and which has the potential to support learning organisations towards accomplishing their strategic intents and objectives.

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