oa Inkanyiso - Teaching philosophy and the making of an intellectual : a personal reflection - short communication

Volume 12 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2077-2815



Academic institutions are regarded as centres of intellectual moulding. At the centre are students who through consultations or class attendance interact with lecturers or professors in intellectual exchanges. In the same vein, lecturers and professors are viewed as custodians of the intellect, to whom students must pay obeisance and glean on the crumbs that fall off their lofty intellectual tables. Perhaps, these are the images that aspiring students have when they apply for spaces in academic institutions. Notwithstanding such a glorious picture, academic institutions are workplaces where fellow colleagues meet in corridors for the exchange of either hastily or meticulously composed emails; attend departmental or institutional meetings; support and or degrade others; like and dislike certain activities, etc.

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