n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - In search of potential eco-tourism and eco-femini-tourism artifacts from rural Eastern Cape Province of South Africa : a case of Binfield, Hopefield and Mazotsho village communities of Nkonkobe Municipality

Volume 21 Number 2.2
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


Research was done at Binfield, Hopefield and Mazotsho, which are three village communities of the Binfiel Park Dam in Nkonkobe Municipality, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. These are poverty stricken rural communities with a lot of potential opportunities through which the livelihoods of people can be improved through interventions such as, indigenous knowledge and increase usage of the dam area. Interviews were conducted to establish the existence of ecotourism and ecofeminitourism activities and products thereof which benefit the local people and the environment. This brought in mind the thought of both economical and ecological sustainability. Ornamental ecotourism items included sets of earrings and necklaces (made from beads), wristlets (bones) and bracelets (wood). Agricultural ecofeminitourism items included skei and yoke (made from soft wood Acacia karoo), and hoe and axe (made from steel and soft wood handle). The villagers underused the Binfield Park Dam and vicinity areas located nearby – no fishing, aquaculture, irrigation or recreation. It is concluded that with the help from Government and institutions, the appropriate use of indigenous knowledge and the dam can benefit the communities and the environment regarding ecotourism or ecofeminitourism. Hence in the long term villagers can have better livelihoods other than only the current dependence on grants and aid. The research assumed that with better marketing of locally made artifacts and the dam, livelihoods can be changed for the better while the environment itself benefits from sustainable usage.

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