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Volume 7 Number 4
  • ISSN : 2221-7304



Sernick is serious about the empowerment of emerging farmers. After a few minutes at one of their emerging farmer days, one realises the truth of this statement. The number of ways in which the Sernick Group supports emerging farmers continues to grow and expand. During their farmers’ day held in January, certificates were handed to students who successfully completed the training course. Nick Serfontein, chairman of the Sernick Group, noted that the hurdles emerging farmers encounter in the modern agricultural environment, are too great to overcome without assistance. He said land reform has failed and will remain a failure if major, successful farmers do not offer assistance. According to Patrick Sekwatlakwatla who has been responsible for Sernick’s empowerment initiatives since 2014, relevant information forms the basis of all empowerment initiatives. These initiatives include farmers’ days, formal and informal training, an annual carcass competition, an exchange scheme for bulls and a contract feeding programme in the Sernick feedlot. “If one takes into account that our annual population growth is 2%, which means that we will have to produce food for more than 75 million people by 2025, it is clear that we cannot afford to have agricultural land which remains unproductive.”

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