n Gender and Behaviour - Gender liberalism : prospects and implications in a changing society

Volume 15 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Gender matters have attracted so much attention due to its peculiarity in sociological discuss as it had raised issues on male-female social relations in the society. Contemporary literatures have focused their attention solely on discriminatory acts that women have undergone in recent times neglecting the fact that the society has changed and females have gone past such perception about them. We are now in a liberalized society where women are supposedly given equal right and opportunity with male and are also privileged to every thing that makes human, giving rise for a need to look at implications and prospect of this in a changing society. The impact of this current ideological change in the society is starting to have its manifest in our society as our traditional structures are giving way for a westernized ideology, the family is left naked and the economic system is getting congested as more females are into employment activities. The effects of having a liberalized gender might just be too costly on our hitherto functioning structures. The onion lies with the parents to ensure a balance is created between their economic-social roles in the family otherwise the society might just be running into a state dysfunctionality.

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