oa Old Testament Essays - A Theology of the Septuagint?

Volume 30 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1010-9919



This contribution to the Festschrift for Sakkie Spangenberg addresses the question of whether it is appropriate and even possible to formulate “the/a theology of the Septuagint.” To be sure, this author (Cook) has endeavoured to formulate “theologies” of LXX Proverbs and the Old Greek of Job as case studies. However, there is no consensus that it is appropriate or even viable to do so. There are broadly speaking two groupings in this regard: the minimalists and the maximalists. It is the aim of this paper to take cognisance of this uncertainty and to address diverse perspectives on this issue. After a brief introduction, the minimalists will be introduced, followed by a consideration of the maximalists.

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