n Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) - East Africa - a contextual analysis of East African evaluations - regional analysis

Volume 2017 Number 1
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Of all Africa’s regions, East Africa has the continent’s widest disparities in ACBR 2017 index scores between its constituent countries. The countries vary from Seychelles, one of Africa’s most prosperous and socially-progressive countries, to Somalia, a formerly failed state now undergoing a rebirth, and South Sudan, Africa’s newest failed state where genocide is reportedly occurring. Regional integration is difficult under the circumstances, but the centre for regional activity continues to be the traditional regional powerhouses, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. An island distant from the mainland, Seychelles is unconnected to other regional countries through land transportation links, and is tangential to regional integration. Nevertheless, the lessons Seychelles offers on economic planning, population control and education are instructive for the entire region.

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