n Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) - The ACBR methodology - calculating scores and understanding relationships

Volume 2017 Number 1
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The 2017 edition of the Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) has adopted and refined the methods of its predecessor, providing a deeper and more comprehensive statistical analysis of the 54 African nations. Each country has been individually analysed and a complete profile constructed, allowing readers to understand where exactly each nation falls in the continental context.

Where the 2016 edition analysed 16 indexes, the new version incorporates a wider variety of information sources in the form of 34 different indexes and ranking systems, all created by a wide-ranging array of international bodies, NGOs and associations from across the globe. This is in addition to the standalone data figures that are used to enhance the reading experience and provide sidelong context as the reader learns about each African country. In total, over 19,000 data inputs have been used to create not only profiles for all 54 nations but also cross-regional and cross-quadrant analysis, highlighting relationships between key factors of performance.

All figures used for interpretation in the report have been converted to a score of out of 100, wherever possible, to create a universal comparison of performance.

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