n Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) - The way forward - outlining the path of progression for the African continent

Volume 2017 Number 1
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A reading of the results of the national and regional scores in the four ACBR quadrants of Business, Economics, Politics and Society reveals four areas that, if addressed, will significantly improve national and continental improvement. ACBR scores are symbols of actual conditions, statistical representations of on-the-ground developments. While governments would enjoy higher ACBR scores for the political benefits these offer and for use as advertisements of the efficacy of their policies, the true value of these scores is the snapshot they offer of the quality of African lives. ACBR scores reflect the degree that the African people enjoy the freedoms to which they are politically entitled and the vibrancy of Africa’s business sector that is a by-product of properly performing economies. Four specific variables stand out as having wide, cross-quadrant influence on scores. Three are challenges — Resources Rent as a percentage of GDP, Population Growth and Military Expenditure as a percentage of GDP — which must be overcome. The fourth is an accomplishment — growing Literacy Rates on the continent — which can be expanded upon. When the challenges are mitigated and the key factor of literacy is boosted, then the African people’s advances in all fields will be manifest in rising ACBR scores.

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