n Gender Questions - Troubled subjectivities, elusive solidarities – feminist art activism as micropolitical resistance  - research

Volume 4 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2309-9704



It is widely held by leftist scholars (Silvia Federici, Jorge Alemán and Suely Rolnik, among others) that neoliberal capitalism has extended beyond the purely economic to colonise all aspects of life, including the psychological, effectively producing what is termed a neoliberal subjectivity characterised by, among other things, persistent denial and inaction in the face of threats brought on by rapacious capitalist practices, not only to prosperity but also to actual human survival. Through the works of Bolivian feminist collective Mujeres Creando, intended as incursions into neoliberal subject formation in particular and capitalism more generally, the article will explore the dialectic between macropolitical and micropolitical approaches to social change. By drawing on the theories of Suely Rolnik, Jorge Alemán, and Silvia Federici, the article will argue that the work of Mujeres Creando demonstrates that macroand micropolitics are not separate courses of action, but in fact mutually enhancing tools of resistance, and that art activism is a means by which to encourage solidarity and create new types of social relations and democratic realities. 

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