n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Efficacy of anger management strategies for effective living among adolescents and youths

Volume 25 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1117-1421


This theoretical paper examines the efficacy of anger management strategies for effective living among adolescents and youths. The paper posits that anger is normal and universal. However, when it gets to certain degree, and if it is not managed, it could be dangerous and could result to violence which could be detrimental to self and others. Adolescents and youths are vital assets to every society. Exposing adolescents and youths to anger management strategies and skills could help them to be creative and develop effective living life styles that could be beneficial to adolescents, youth and the society at large. Human feelings actually generate emotional feelings. These feelings could be irrational or rational based on the cognitive repertoire of the individual. The cognitive thought component will manifest in the behavioural component, showing reaction to events and situations. Thus, anger arousal situations are due to lack of reappraising potential emotion producing situations. As a result, adolescents and youth develop irrational behaviour resulting to manifestation of anger. It is on this note that strategies in replacing anger arousal behaviours are advocated and to also make a rethink in every situation as a component of cognitive behaviour therapy. This would make adolescents and youth to be creative and become useful to self and society.

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