n South African Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease - Telmisartan decreases microalbuminuria in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus following coronary artery bypass grafting - research article

Volume 14 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1811-6515



Objective: This prospective study aimed to investigate the effects of the selective angiotensin receptor antagonist, telmisartan, on microalbuminuria after coronary artery bypass surgery in patients with diabetes mellitus. 

Methods: Patients were divided into two groups with block randomisation, using the sealed envelope technique: group T (telmisartan group) consisted of patients who received the angiotensin receptor blocking agent telmisartan 80 mg daily for at least six months in the pre-operative period; group N-T (non-telmisartan group) consisted of patients who received no telmisartan treatment. Clinical and demographic characteristics, operative and postoperative features, microalbuminuria and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels were compared. 

Results: Forty patients met the eligibility criteria for the study. The groups did not differ with regard to clinical and demographic characteristics, and operative and postoperative features. Microalbuminuria levels between the groups differed significantly in the pre-operative period, first hour postoperatively and fifth day postoperatively. C-reactive protein levels between the groups differed significantly on the fifth day postoperatively.

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