n Southern African Review of Education with Education with Production - Resegregation and recreation of racism in education in a post-apartheid setting

Volume 23 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1563-4418


Although advances have been made since the elections of 1994 to reverse and eradicate explicit institutionalised segregation and racial practices in society, including in education, new forms of hidden and subtle discrimination, racism and resegregation are developing as South Africa enters its third decade of democratic rule. This article explores the progress made in reversing and eradicating past discriminatory and racial practices on the one hand, and the emergence of resegregation, hidden and subtle forms of racism on the other. It argues that the de jure narratives of education desegregation, deracialisation, racism and racial discrimination in education do not appreciate race as a critical factor in desegregation and deracialisation in education. It further argues that the desegregation and deracialisation have been frustrated by school governing bodies (SGBs) that have been exploiting inherent contradictions in the different sections of legislation, and non-racial and colour-blind jurisprudence. In particular, the article argues that Race Realist provides fresh lenses to understand desegregation and resegregation in education in the post-apartheid setting.

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