n Africa Conflict Monitor - Assessing five years of African conflict and progress toward peace - an ACM interview with James Hall - informed insights - interviews with experts

Volume 2018 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


The stage has changed in terms of settings and actors during the five years that Africa Conflict Monitor (ACM) has been analysing conflict and conflict resolution developments, and the emerging drama shows that Africans have reason to be hopeful for a more peaceful tomorrow. 

When ACM first published in 2012, the aftermath of the political earthquake of the Arab Spring set the stage for a period when despots who’s seemingly unshakeable hold on power faced unprecedented resistance in Sub-Saharan Africa. The shape of terrorism evolved during 2012-2017, as have political rivalries and alliances for peace. For five years, ACM has scrutinised developments in conflict and conflict resolution on a monthly basis. ACM spoke with our Founding Editor James Hall on the meaning of the events that shaped Africa in the last eventful half-decade.

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