n Journal for Juridical Science - The case for the case study method in international legal research

Volume 42 Number 2
  • ISSN : 0258-252X



The exploration of international law has gradually, but perceptibly evolved into an increasingly multifaceted enterprise. A notable development, albeit not yet on a large scale, has been the adoption of empirical approaches relied upon in the Social Sciences for purposes of description, explanation and evaluation. A genuinely rich body of theoretical insights has consequently taken shape, providing a more robust foundation than previously available for pursuing knowledge and engaging in policy action. Much of the information generated has been obtained via the examination, often elaborate in nature, of specific cases. However, the technical underpinnings of this scientific endeavour leave something to be desired, as illustrated by a juxtaposition of methodological requirements with prevailing practices and offering concrete examples of greater technical rigour observed in neighbouring disciplines.

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