n Farmer’s Weekly - How to use equipment and position effectively - predation management

Volume 2018 Number 18014
  • ISSN : 0041-848X



In order to perform properly on a calling stand at night, you need a shooting chair that allows you to turn quietly and shoot from a still and stable platform. Having a smaller chair that you can put in the veld is also good for drop-and-go hunting, and for when jackal bark but don’t come in. In the case of drop-and-go hunting, a driver drops you off and drives to his/her position and issues the call. Your job is to merely sit and observe, without calling, using a red light to light up the area. This method effectively sets up an ambush: hearing your driver’s call, the jackal thinks he/she is far away. The predator is unaware of you, and will run through the ambush area.

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