n Gender Questions - Editorial

Volume 5 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2309-9704



With the recent ascent of the right wing, we have seen a new wave of pink-washing and white nationalism. This has had a number of consequences for the LGBTQI* community, ranging from attempts to homogenisation under the banner of “one nation” to the re-emergence of conservative hypermasculine and -feminine stereotypes. For this reason, our fifth volume of Gender Questions has two sections. The first is a special focus on trans* subjectivities, while the second is a more general section. What we aimed to address in the first section are ways in which we can think through, reconceptualise and practise new forms of resistance, affect and gender education in a world with increasing biopolitical measures and necropolitical effects. We wanted to focus on trans* communities because trans* people continue to be some of the most marginalised within and outside of the LGBTQI* community; and have recently seen some of their rights revoked as a direct result of right-wing populism.

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