n SAMUS : South African Music Studies - De lô in fallist times

Volume 36-37 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2223-635X


Disruption and containment. Fallism and the law. As South African music scholars we are privileged to be working in a historical moment when these energies clash and compete in such rich and invigorating ways, also in our scholarly field. This double edition of SAMUS publishes a wide spectrum of work involved in various approaches to order, ordering, disruption and rebellion. Often, the work presented in these pages resists slipping into any of the two binaries suggested by our title, but oscillates (uncomfortably, in some cases), between the two. This ambiguity, lack of clarity even, is also true of where we find ourselves as a society in general. The abrasiveness of the urgently political, in its broadest sense as insistent and discomforting public debate, has gate-crashed the special interests guaranteed by order(s), historical and contemporary. It means that as scholars we are obliged to keep questioning what we value and why. The answers provided in this double edition of SAMUS are, not surprisingly, varied and different.

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