n Journal of Educational Studies - Exploration of the use of self-assessment : a case of bachelor of psychology students - research

Volume 16 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456


The growing demand for lifelong learners and reflective practitioners in all professions has necessitated that lecturers explore various methods of formative assessment such as self-assessment. Students are rarely exposed to such opportunities. This mixed-methods investigation was undertaken in order to introduce students to the self-assessment culture in order to facilitate further learning. The objectives were to establish how participants viewed the self-assessment exercises they were given, and how they justified the mark allocated; and to establish benefits and challenges associated with self-assessment. Thirty eight (38) second-year students enrolled for a Bachelor of Psychology programme, constituted the sample. Assignments were used as the means to facilitate the self-assessment processes. The participants were asked to self-assess their assignments with the help of a rubric provided, and to give justification for the marks awarded for the assignment. On submitting assignments they were requested to complete an open-ended evaluation questionnaire. Feedback from the students’ self-assessment was analysed quantitatively and qualitatively. The researcher has learnt through these findings that students viewed self-assessment positively, and that very few viewed it in a negative way. Finally, the results demonstrated that engaging in self-assessment has multiple benefits which outweigh the challenges.

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