n Journal of Educational Studies - The management of instructional media in the general education and training band in schools in the Limpopo Province - research

Volume 16 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456


The new curriculum increasingly demands the use of instructional media, which necessitates that educational media be managed properly. Various initiatives have been developed for the use and management of instructional media. Unfortunately, some schools in the Limpopo Province failed to implement these initiatives. The most disturbing problem is that schools with the necessary educational media fail to manage them properly. This means that some expensive educational materials are gathering dust in storerooms, while others are broken during use. Five school managers were interviewed in the one of the inspection areas of the Limpopo Province and 80 teachers filled in the questionnaires. The investigation into the problem of the management of educational media in schools was done by conducting a literature review and an empirical study. The implications of this research concern schools authoring their own management of media. This paper examines some of the obstacles and dilemmas of managing instructional media in schools. It is imperative for schools to be equipped with the necessary resources, but it is equally important for them to take proper care of these resources.

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