n Journal of Educational Studies - Implementation of value education in the foundation phase - research

Volume 16 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456


This is a qualitative study which explores the implementation of value education in the foundation phase. The study focuses on four schools involving 12 teachers and 630 learners. The schools were purposefully selected from two provinces located as follows: two schools from a rural area, one from an informal settlement and one from a semi-urban area. The schools were referred to as School A, School B, School C and School D, pseudo-named SA, SB, SC, and SD. Three teachers were selected in each school. The teachers were referred to as Teacher 1, Teacher 2, and Teacher 3 , pseudo-named T1, T2, T3. In-depth individual interviews were conducted with the selected teachers. Data from the selected teachers were obtained through the use of focus group interviews. All the interviews were audio recorded and the researcher transcribed the data. To enhance credibility, the data were presented verbatim using direct quotations from the respondents. The data were analysed using content analysis. The findings of the study revealed that teachers faced several challenges when implementing the teaching of values education in the Foundation Phase. Values were found to be not explicit in the school curriculum, support by government was not fully acknowledged by teachers. Findings also revealed a decline in the societal moral values and lack of professional training for Life Skills teachers.

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