n Journal of Educational Studies - Problem-based learning (PBL) as a teaching method in the health sciences : an attempt to review the research area - research

Volume 16 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456


Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) face challenges in presenting course materials so that students do not only gain knowledge of the discipline, but also become selfdirected learners with developed problem-solving skills for use in their future careers. Literature shows that problem-based learning (PBL) is both a problem-centred and student-centred process whereby students are actively involved in solving problems related to the context under investigation. This paper examines the literature on the applicability of PBL as a relevant teaching method in the health sciences. First, the paper conceptualises PBL, and then discusses its development as a teaching method. Second, the paper focuses on both the PBL’s advantages towards health improvement, and the challenges faced in its implementation. Last, the PBL’s importance in the health sciences as a teaching methodology is brought to the fore, after which recommendations for practice and further research close this paper.

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