n Stilet : Tydskrif van die Afrikaanse Letterkundevereniging - Die filmweergawe van André P. Brink se roman A Dry White Season as vorm van vertaling (deel 2)

Volume 29 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1013-4573


In this second part of a two part article which investigates the film rendition of André P. Brink’s novel A dry white season, the focus is on the film rendition itself. Utilizing the concepts scopos, manipulation, domestication and foreignization and the use of paratext, these techniques are in the first instance described and secondly evaluated. Against the background of film theory as well as translation theories, discussed in part one of this article as backdrop, arguments are proposed to support the supposition that the process of the film rendition of a novel can be seen as a process of translation. To demonstrate how these concepts come into play in the filmic version of the novel, elements of mise-en-scène together with cinematographic qualities are highlighted and thus evaluated in its quest to create a possible semiotic interpretation within a cinematographic system of signs.

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