African Review of Economics and Finance

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Instruction to authors

African Review of Economics and Finance considers all manuscripts on the strict condition that they have been submitted only to African Review of Economics and Finance, that they have not been published already, nor are they under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere. Authors who fail to adhere to this condition will be charged with all costs which African Review of Economics and Finance incurs and their papers will not be published.

Contributions to African Review of Economics and Finance must report original research and will be subjected to pre-screening and subsequent review by referees at the discretion of the editors.

Please note that African Review of Economics and Finance uses Turnitin software to screen papers for unoriginal material. By submitting your paper to African Review of Economics and Finance you are agreeing to any necessary originality checks your paper may have to undergo during the peer review and production processes.


Papers for consideration should be sent to the editors directly

Prof Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Email: Franklin.obeng-odoom@helsinki.fi

And Dr. Jones Odei Mensah, Email: jones.mensah@wits.ac.za

File format would preferably be Microsoft Word. Papers will be anonymously refereed by acknowledged experts in the subject. Authors should submit an anonymized version of the paper and a title page containing full contact and affiliation information for all authors. All publication decisions are made by editors in the context of recommendations from referees.

Effective communication

The paper should be written and arranged in a style that is succinct and easily followed. An informative but short title, a concise abstract with keywords, and a well-written introduction will help to achieve this.

Simple language, short sentences and a good use of headings all help to communicate information more effectively. Discursive treatment of the subject matter is discouraged. Figures may be used to aid the clarity of the paper but only where this is more concise than verbal description. The reader should be carefully guided through the paper. Always think about your reader.

Copyright and authors’ rights 

To assure the integrity, dissemination, and protection against copyright infringement of published articles, you will be asked to assign us, via a Publishing Agreement, the copyright in your article. Your Article is defined as the final, definitive, and citable Version of Record, and includes: (a) the accepted manuscript in its final form, including the abstract, text, bibliography, and all accompanying tables, illustrations, data; and (b) any supplemental material. Our Publishing Agreement with you will constitute the entire agreement and the sole understanding between you and us; no amendment, addendum, or other communication will be taken into account when interpreting your and our rights and obligations under this Agreement.

Editorial Policy

The main features of the African Review of Economics and Finance are the following: High Quality Contributions and Double Blind Refereeing Process. This implies that articles accepted for publication in the journal will be in accord with high methodological standards involving the sophisticated use of economic reasoning, use of appropriate statistical techniques, and thorough analyses of data. All manuscripts shall be subject to an editorial pre-screening process to assess suitability for the journal. Subject to the pre-screening, manuscripts shall be processed in a single anonymous peer review system, using independent expert referees. Final responsibility for the selection and acceptance of articles rests with the Editors. Submission of an article to the journal indicates formal acceptance by the author(s) of these peer review conditions and procedures.

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