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ISSN: 1017-1703

The Clean Air Journal is the South African journal for those interested in air quality, air quality management, and the impacts of air pollution relevant to South and southern Africa. The focus of the journal includes, but is not limited to:

  • Impacts of human activities and natural processes on ambient air quality
  • Air quality and climate change linkages
  • Air pollution mitigation technologies and applications
  • Matters of public policy regarding air quality management
  • Measurement and analysis of ambient and indoor air pollution
  • Atmospheric modelling application and development
  • Atmospheric emissions
  • Other topics on atmospheric physics or chemistry with particular relevance to South and southern Africa
The scope of the journal is broad, but the core theme of the journal is air quality in South and southern Africa.
Papers and letters for the research section of the journal can contain original results and interpretation. Review articles are also accepted and should be on a topic relevant to air quality in southern Africa. These articles will be reviewed for scope, originality and quality, with a strong focus on the relevance of the article to southern Africa.Papers of a more general nature including editorials, commentary, news, commercial information, and highlights of relevant articles from international peer reviewed journals may be accepted for publication. While this material will be evaluated for suitability and may be edited, such material will be placed in a clearly marked separate section of the journal and will not constitute a reviewed journal article.

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ISSN: 1017-1703

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