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Commonwealth Youth and Development is a multidisciplinary biannual publication that seeks to promote understanding of, and impetus for, the empowerment of the youth which will enable them to play a crucial and constructive role in the development of their communities. It recognises the importance of the youth and youth workers in developing countries and seeks to promote the professionalisation of youth work.
The journal is aimed at students, academics, practitioners and policymakers in the field of youth and development. It publishes research and writing by academics and practitioners, providing a platform for rigorous debate about policies, programmes and processes. Contributions focus on the developing world and have international, regional or national focus, and are in the form of research findings, work in progress, notes from the field, case studies, interviews and book reviews. Commonwealth Youth and Development has a dynamic international editorial board in which the Pan Commonwealth Office and eight universities.

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ISSN: 1727-7140

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