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  • IMIESA benchmarks, assesses and debates infrastructure development driven by local government.
  • The publication is driven by the information needs of engineers, managers, planners, and those executing government strategies.
  • The focus is on local government activities and public works, management structures, and municipal service delivery. The scope and dynamics of public-private partnerships are evaluated and explored in light of developments on the continent.
  • IMIESA's editorial content covers the wide scope of municipal engineering, incorporating the influence and impact of national and international developments on local projects. Finance, project management, consulting engineering, information technology, benchmarking, planning, and sustainability are reported on.
  • The magazine links with the institution to facilitate the promotion of a holistic approach to the development of public sector engineering to the benefit of role players and the entire community".
  • In partnership with the institution, IMIESA is able to cover the many facets of engineering in southern Africa today, whether from a technical, planning, constructing, managing, or partnership perspective. Our carefully selected and ABC audited circulation is continually updated.

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ISSN: 0257-1978

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