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The Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology (JEDT) is a bi-annual international refereed journal serving all practitioners, professionals and clients in the engineering, design and technology sectors including but not exclusive to civil engineers, electrical and electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, safety engineers, information and communication engineers, architects, graphic designers, building surveyors, construction managers, project managers, quantity surveyors, facilities managers, contractors, property developers, researchers, research managers, policy makers, instructors, educators, trainers and postgraduate students. JEDT aims to expand the boundaries of knowledge that cover engineering, design and technology and provides an international forum for the interchange of information and ideas on current issues from around the world to be brought together. The primary objective of JEDT is explore the interface between academic research and practical application by disseminating in-depth research papers, reviews of projects and case studies, information on current research projects, comments on previous contributions, discussion on research, innovation, and education policies and strategies. Some issues will be themed by topic. Topics in JEDT include design strategies; usability and adaptability; material, component and systems performance; process control; alternative and new technologies; organizational, management and resource issues; human factors; environmental, quality and safety and health issues; cost and life cycle issues; sustainability criteria, indicators, measurement and practices; risk management; entrepreneurship; law, regulation and governance; design, implementing, managing and practicing innovation; visualization, simulation, information and communication technologies; and education practices, innovation, strategies and policy issues. In order to maintain and ensure the highest quality in JEDT, all papers undergo a rigorous system of peer review by acknowledged international experts.,

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ISSN: 1726-0531

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