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The Independent Journal of Teaching and Learning is a peer-reviewed journal, published once a year by The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) in South Africa. The peer review panel, the editorial panel and the authors are an eclectic group of academics with a wide range of specialisations predominantly in the field of education generally or the educational aspects of their disciplines. Most are external to the institution. The journal focuses on making a difference to educators at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. It publishes original contributions of interest to researchers and practitioners in the field of education.
The following types of contributions are accepted for publication:

  • research based empirical, reflective or synoptic articles that would be of interest to the educational practitioner;
  • review articles that critically examine research carried out in a specific field;
  • discussion or advocacy papers suitable for publication in the section entitled \practitioners corner\";
  • book reviews that comprise a clear and concise evaluation of recently published books.

This journal continues The Journal of Independent Teaching and Learning

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ISSN: 1818-9687

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