BER : Intermediate Goods Industries Survey

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ISSN: 0258-9338

A concise quarterly overview of the latest developments in SA's manufacturing industry, carrying the results of the BER's latest in-depth survey of manufacturing firms nationwide. A penetrating and easy-to-digest look at how well manufacturers in various important sectors have done ... how well they're doing ... and how they expect to do in coming months. Survey data is collected on a sectoral, as well as a regional level. The following sectors are covered: food, beverages, textiles, clothing, furniture, wood, paper, printing, publishing, chemicals, non-metal minerals, basic metals, metal products, machinery, electrical machinery, transport and plastics. The provinces covered are the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. For each sector and each province, both a short history of survey results and a graphical display of the major manufacturing variables - domestic sales, export orders, production volumes, stocks of finished goods, fixed investment and business confidence - are shown.

This journal is continued by BER : Manufacturing Survey : Full Survey

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ISSN: 0258-9338

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