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Meditari Accountancy Research is a research journal that originated at the Department of Accounting of the University of Pretoria. Currently the editorship of the journal is rotated amongst three universities: the University of South Africa; the North-West University; and the University of Pretoria. The purpose of this rotation is to increase the number of academic stakeholders in the journal and to share the responsibility and work for and the costs of the journal among these three academic institutions. Research articles of a high standard from all authors are welcome. The readership of the journal are people with an interest in research in the field of Accountancy and related subjects, including Accountancy Education.
Meditari Accountancy Research serves to enhance research in accountancy, education and related disciplines. We provide a vehicle for publication of the research findings of researchers. We are servants of science, academia and the truth. We aim towards the publication of research articles of outstanding academic quality. Such articles shall bear testimony to the insight of the author(s) into the nature and objective of the research, the relevant literature and other scientific source.,

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ISSN: 1022-2529

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