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ISSN: 1016-5320

Nidan is an international journal which publishes contributions in the field of Hinduism, edited by Prof. P. Kumar (University of Kwa-Zulu Natal). Articles published in Nidan relate to any aspect of Hinduism. As such, the study of Hinduism is broadly conceived to include, not merely, the traditionally recognized areas within the discipline, but included contributions from scholars in other fields who seek to bring their particular worldviews and theories into dialogue with Hindu studies. For scholars of Hinduism in the Southern African region, Nidan is the only journal that has provided opportunities to publish their research. Many international scholars have also published in this journal over the years. Nidan has not only served the academic community, but also has been a useful reader for the community on various themes and topics on Hinduism and as such, it assisted in educating the community on their own traditions, practices and philosophies.

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ISSN: 1016-5320

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