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ISSN: 1024-6274
E-ISSN: 2226-6097

Occupational Health Southern Africa, the only dedicated journal for the occupational health disciplines in southern Africa, is the official journal of The South African Society of Occupational Medicine, The South African Society of Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners, The Southern African Institute for Occupational Hygiene, and The Mine Medical Professionals' Association. Its objective is to keep occupational health practitioners current with the latest research, especially African research. The journal is accredited by the Department of Education, and articles are peer-reviewed before publication. Occupational Health Southern Africa is published alternate monthly (six issues per annum). The focus is on occupational medicine, nursing and hygiene, as well as primary health care at the workplace, safety and other employee health benefits. Each issue contains articles with special relevance to a particular industry or service sector or theme as well as specialist advice on the application of legislation in specific contexts. It is relevant to managers, human resource consultants and the whole occupational health team. Primary health care at the workplace is included because many of the target health practitioners are located in a clinic or medical centre on companies' premises or in the public sector. In addition, many of these services are provided by mine hospitals and the doctors working there also form part of our subscriber base.

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ISSN: 1024-6274
E-ISSN: 2226-6097

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