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RéSource is a leading magazine in the field of integrated resource management, encouraging recycling and re-use practices, and analysing waste streams and processes in various industries. The journal contributes to the goals and mission of the institute committing itself to "... protecting the environment and people of southern Africa from the adverse effects of poor waste management..."
RéSource's editorial is not restricted to solid waste, but includes a focus on cleaner production and sustainable development. To this end it has gained the support of vocational bodies, which support integrated resources management: Association of Environmental Lawyers, the Chemical and Allied Industries Association (CAIA), the Geological Society of southern Africa, the Glass Recycling Association, Keep Durban Beautiful, the National Recycling Forum, the Plastics Federation, the South African Waste Management Employers Associations (SWAMEA), the SA Institute of Engineering Geologists and the Responsible Container Management Association of Southern Africa (RCMASA). The long-standing partnership with the institute and its supporting bodies offers RéSource the scope and insight to effectively report on the trends and practices in these spheres.
The RéSource team constantly interacts with readers and reacts to specific needs, imparting knowledge through current, relevant and interesting editorial.
The ABC circulation is continually updated.

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ISSN: 1680-4902

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